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We not too smart when it comes to understanding unprovoked violence. We also align our beliefs with those who we are most familiar, in our case fellow Martial Artists. Ask yourself, who commits a violent acts? It is simple, it is the people we do not want associate with, those people out there somewhere. Deep down you know if you stay in your group, those people have a reduce chance of hurting you. You also want others to fear the fighting skills you have learnt and be interested in Martial Arts. So where does violence situate in martial Arts family image.

The image of violence essentially come from movies and a teachers stories; both are far from a real violent act. Sure, we could imagine or extrapolate what a violent attack may look like, but I suspect you have never faced violence head on as the victim. I you did, you would probably not be reading this or anyone else’s ideas.

The trouble start with believing in hope and the imaginary technical solution Martial Arts love to peddle. Stories distract you from reality. Your visions of violence is more like a nightmare due to uncertainties and gap in knowledge. Your fear drive you to believe there are those situation where you will be crushed. Train harder and this anxiety will subside. How tough can a real situation be? Not very tough. The proving point is how tough should I be to fight of any threat.  If you face off with a fighter you need to be tough, but an unprovoked violent attack, then it I all about your smarts.

It is the ignorance that ends Martial Arts, the illusion lies hidden in the back of practitioners’ heads. It also suppresses the natural violence in artists. As a practitioner there is always the possibility given the right situation, you could be that deadly killer that can take lives in a blink of an eye. I am sure at the moment you have the urge to fight your ass off just to prove you can submit a fellow fighter. The fight is way more acceptable as it gains social support.

Pulling the trigger is too simple for a sophisticated fighter. All you need is to be provoked and then you can pull the trigger. A person who employs violence does not have wade through years of proving oneself by fighting every good fighter around. It is a matter of when and where a situation that will take the least effort and minimize self-injury and avoid public scorn. We are all aware of the violent acts of some mad bomber or shooter who has no regard for others. These people hunt humans like we hunt animals. Bomb, job done, animal dead.

There are no half measures for a person planning violent acts on others; no hesitation and for most cases get the job done with minimal fuss.

Fighter like glory, but surviving a violent attack do not expect any. You cannot sell a violent act and no two are the same. The same can be said about a survival response. Both are not the result of countless hours of training. The effective of fighting skills are highlighted by fighting another fighter highly. Survival reactions do little to inspire further dedication to a club and wanting to do more training.

The warrior is more of survival expert than a fighter. The gladiator needs to be seen. Violence always tends to invade all your insecurities. Traditional Martial Arts love their positive stories to to motivate students to expect to open doors to a new and more confident you.

What else is there? A good question. So what do you do against people who do not give a shit and some can take down any fighter on their turns and in a blink of an eye. While Martial Arts is defensible of their fighting/defense skills, violent acts continues unchallenged. The focus on the more palatable fighting side of Martial Arts only adds to more of the technical shit out there.

Not to be totally stupid, fighters are dangerous when it counts. Shooting targets or hitting bags does make incredible athletes and fighting machines. The fighter gets to a point he needs real targets and real people to practice on. There chosen victims are generally unawares they are being set up to be taken down. How crazy is that? It is like the hunter polishing his gun to make sure the victim does not get away. I have seen these over trained idiots on the street squaring off; I am sure none has trained Martial Arts. Well that is the consolation spending years learning defensive skills.

Anyone at any time can be a challenge, a hunter. Ask yourself, do you really want to do someone in? If you did, how would you do it? You have to be an idiot to do it the hard way. Criminally minded people are experts on getting the job done. Even a child can work out a method to get the job done with no Martial Arts experience. Martial Artists do not get the idea that anyone has the right to do you in.

The public display of fighting skills is a way to suppress your fears and insecurities. It may be a damn good asset to defend yourself, but these skills useless until you step out on the wild side. Do you have to take a person out like a psychopath? There is always the blood nose and a tap out must hurt more lot more than death.

You got to admit, a strategy employing a violent act can really do the job in the shortest amount of time. The can see the definite outcome before acting on the urge. No Martial Artist can do this unless they shift camps. Just by giving a Martial Artist a gun; they will bath in its potential glory before facing their demons doing the job. The justification for this inaction is they need for a decent provocation shifting camps. So why is it they can hunt an animal by a clever process of stalking, aiming, then shoot to kill without a second thoughts? There is problem between those ears. Interesting?

Don’t do that, stop, I told you no, you will be punished, jail is awaiting you actions and so on. Damn teachers and their directive of law and order, taking charge of your behaviour has ruined many a free thought. Teachers are trapped by their beliefs; mesmerised by their student’s admiration of control and technical skills. The promise f more is always in the story take on a reality of its own as long as do as you are told or there will be consequence. The status quo is the safest decision you will ever make to stay in the group.

Now there is the best fighter, you are told to sit back and watch an expert. The question is, who will dispute that? Traditional approaches survive on distraction by implying greatness. The hypnotic teaching methods direct the current crop to the rigours of cage fighting/ MMA. I still am amazed at those masters that are still ignoring the valued contribution of the mixed Martial Artists. It is time to stop designing techniques to improve their hypnotic training methods and get in the pressure cooker for some real experiences.

The next time you go to a class and you see the instructor teaching and hear sound effects coming out of their mouth like “Boom” and ”Pa”. Get out of there, it is all Bullshit. The worst thing about the teacher-student relationship is that the teacher really believes his shit. It is all a bit sad.

You do not have to bow down to some over creative teacher, knowing that all good information always comes from you first. I really believe teachers help teach students to fail. Coaching makes a little more sense.

Teachers are trapped by position and need to do their song and dance to get respect. These approaches to teaching are a form of abuse in Marital Art’s classes. Trust and loyalty can also be abused.

My vision for martial arts is to redefine purpose in view of the survival response.

The old argument ‘of what is better’ is a senseless conversation. It is hurtful to find out that all you Martial Arts learning is crap. You should know that arguments usually arise due to ignorance that tend to stray into further ignorance.

There is a sucker born every day who will believe in the stories. It is no wonder why Martial Arts can never close the door on crap. While self-defence solutions are extremely imaginable, the promise would be better directed to fighting strategies.

It is time to highlight the survival response again; where fear and guilt are replace by the survival reaction. This is triggered during a violent attacker or situations like being pushed and slipping over, hitting your head and then five people jump on top you to take your money and maybe your life. A true victim is only a blink of an eye away from death by an unknown’s hand.

Without being too direct, there is a lot of shit out there and teachers of Martial Arts are responsible for increasing the pile exponentially. There is no simple solution to counter this amount of ignorance.

Here are two equations to contemplate as you reconsider Martial Arts:

Defence = resistance/time

Violence =  force/time

MMA again has drowned Martial Arts in an overabundance of fighting skills. It is left up to the student to find true value. We are victims of ignorance, which surfaces when we really need to to b somebody. Fight for your life is a survival act that focus on your safety first.

It is easy to be the attacker and when the time comes it is easy to be the victim. The hunter knows how to get to the end game without getting hurt. (Just shoot the deer between the eyes- Job done). The victim is confronted by the unexpected and a situation that can be so overwhelming that all one’s training has no time to surface. You are the deer in the forest about to receive a lead bullet between the eyes.

A fighter cannot reconcile this situation in a training situation; he rather be the hunter. We are just all too familiar with fighting and technical solutions. The truth of a violent attack is the attacker is invisible, so what are you thinking when it comes to a defensive solution?

This is the reason it is the End of Martial Arts as we want to know it.

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