“Show me the techniques”.

First of all thanks for the feedback. Again, you have already too many techniques to waste your time on. The step by step solutions to technical and problem solving is for junior training. Flogging another technique to death would be foolhardy. Techniques are the enemy when trying to advance your martial arts.

I’ll start by asking, “are you a creation of someone else’s technical creations?’ The only real way to move ahead is to be at one with yourself. I know it has been said before and it not appeal to the control freaks, who are only interested in sharpening their fighting technique.

It is ashamed that the social approach to Martial Arts is so secure, sparing, fighting in a ring, reputation and wanting answers now. I like working on the other side of the fence, the surprising and the unfamiliar, battles you have no idea what is going on.

Punishing training regimes and countless fights are the cornerstone to make the social Martial Artist. Do tell me more.

So where are or why do feel the limitation surrounding your training choses? You got a good coach and have no worries. Good. I suggest both inside, in your head and physically you are stuffed for the surprising, the uncontrolled situation. The world around you is chaos, which we thrive on the order created for us to learn fighting and drive our cars safely. This is all good, until that basted hit you from the side from nowhere. Shit!

So my real aim is to set people on a journey of discovery. Enlightenment comes from being in the moment; whenever that occurs. You are being directed to asking bigger questions about skills and better ways to improve your martial outcomes. I want you to ask if you are a control freak. Anything that smell of empire building or ego enhancing is a distraction. Discovery has very little to do with trial and error approaches. Like time, every moment ticks on and each moment is new and unexpected. The issue you will face is thinking too much before making use of the new information. The time between the trigger and action is central to understanding the moment.

Orthodoxy and tradition directs and narrows your attentions, suppress your ingenuity and is designed to create a self-appeal. The result is you will be labored with reactive defensive thoughts for the rest of your life.  Your mind deceives you into believing it can see the future. You have learnt the twin skills of ‘entrapment’. You are on the hunt to entrap your victim, who conveniently call the attacker and lay in wait with you weapons ready to fire. A control freak always live in his thoughts and needs the right time to attack.

If you are happy to give up your freedom to an anxiety driven strategy, you are welcome. Our minds secretly like to avoid chaos to keep the ego safe. I hate to remind you, one day you will be the victim.

Everyday there are people out there planning someone’s downfall. I sure there are times you are thinking like this to. “I am going to get that asshole.”

To see the world afresh with new ideas and possibly new discoveries is sheer joy to those who allow their minds that freedom. Takes courage is taking the first steep and is not in the hard way. If you plan to try and feel overwhelmed, you may be the victim of someone else’s mental trap. I can only think of those students trapped by well-meaning teachers unknowingly are numbing the mind of their flock. It death to your true sole.

You want to feel alive, step out on the wild side. No more worries about performance measures or being trapped behind the eight ball. Start by asking yourself the right questions. Better still what are the right question to ask.

Life is socially controlled and compartmentalized, from training, work and family all have separate mental drivers to take you forward. What happens when you try something unscripted in a social environments, like go crazy? The readymade get very concerned and want to correct the deviation. The mistake da and mum make when trying to correct their teenage children behaviors, when listening or mind reading the child struggle with life. Only the social control freaks are good at handling the social ways created by previous social control freaks.

Why are we paranoid of an attack? What are you suspicious of when observing other people? Well I suggest, if you are a Martial Arts, people will be suspicious of you too.

Society is like disturbing a bee’s hive; we just like being stung by our fellow humans to remind us that we are human living in an uncertain world.

Here lies the humans who kill the bird that laid the golden egg. Reflection is great, but it will fail to create insight beyond your experiences. So who have you given the right to give away your ideas? Are playing your instrument in perfect rhythm for the conductor of your orchestra? The beauty of the over controlled environment.

So who are the people pushing the boundaries? I am sure it is those people that cannot spend the time solving old hat problems. Driven people tend to accelerate forward reacting to every moment in perfect synchrony. These are the people who are their own conductor and musician and know the effect of every note they play. They are busy 24 hours a day piling on new discoveries from everything they do. There are no barrios or division; the world is their oyster.

Ask questions that mean something to you and not to the status quo, which is what every else is doing and trying to perfect. On the other hand if want to score some bunny points do what everyone else is doing.

My view point now is that all fighters’ spend a life time devising more ways to control their imagination that is playing the game without being physically involved.

Imagination is a dream-like world without stimulating the adrenaline dump. It is a trap a bit like the Matrix movie. To mentally simulate the battle may work well for a known enemy and a sporting event. There is no mental replacements of the reactions to an unexpected event. The best responses are staying true to yourself that is staying in the moment; a real-time response.

The advice is not for beginner in Martial arts; they still need discipline and structure to learn to control all aspect of their body. This is where trial and error will help the person to walk and eventually run and jump. The attack, defense and counter approaches are impressive from a strategic mindset and is suited for professional fighting.

Now you are ready to have an adventure? Jump in the deep end and not look back.

My favorite introduction to taking the plunge in the deep end is to try a Corner Trap, a close to real training to experience chaos. You are now faced with the prospect of actually learning stuff that goes beyond the boundaries of the attack/defense/counter/submit.

I wish all the adventurers well – thanks for following.

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One comment on “Philosophy
  1. George says:

    Excellent . You guys have come with a fierce and brave defense system
    and it gives the person a real feeling of the pressure and stress of a
    real life fight. Sadly in traditional martial arts all is one direction
    with no flexibility orientation. Great.

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