Chapter 1: Real Time Defence

No two people see the world the same way; nor does interpretation of stories find the same appeal. Given that there are virtually an endless numbers of fighting techniques in the world, there has to be even more stories to validate their existence. Unfortunately is see this as no way to preserve the arts for the next generation. It is a dream. The only understanding I am sure of is more techniques and stories. More shit.

Why come down on Martial Arts like this. We are creature of habits and rituals that somehow makes each day worth preparing for another challenge. Whatever increases personal power and position in the strata of society makes you feel that little bit more invincibility to the shit that comes at you. It is like the shit I am throwing you right now, but hear me out, there is good in it. I know winners have the ability to search for new ideas.

Deception goes to the heart of everything I am going to discuss. It is up to decide and believe. Why are we attracted to being better than the next person and only to find out that you have been hustled and it is not greener over the hill? Let’s begin, to me all fighting techniques are great, but are they a dime a dozen. Then I will go further and say all techniques are shit. Why? It is the hustle, the all mighty dollar/ego; they are a short term proposition. Turnover is essential for Martial Arts schools. One thing is for sure of, we deceptively put trust in the spin surrounding the techniques usefulness. Really, you believe in techniques, well you be sucked in for a life time experiencing Ground Hog Day.

Self-deception is at the heart of the problem and it gets Martial Artists into trouble. Why? They rely on ‘seeing-is-believing’ or ‘feeling-is-believing’. Senses that easy deceived by any magician. Martial Arts are ready and primed to be mesmerized by even a not so good manipulator. Trust me I know what I am talking about. The reality of the sell does not lasts and few Martial Artists are the wiser.

I hope to enlighten your current view on how to learn Martial Arts; not because I am offering a great idea, but a better insight to what is. It is not right to believe that somebody else’s efforts are better than yours. That is worship. I strongly suggest drop this if you want to know more. That God is just presenting more mumbo jumbo that passes as great knowledge. Trust other if you want to learn. True. The significant other is also a distraction. What really beats me each time is the sales pitch. Who would have thought the Olympian standard fighter is more vulnerable than you and yet you fear the lorded fighter. I find the strange and informative.

In truth is lost in the bull-shit factory we call the brain. All it does all day is fill in the blanks and creating expectancies that you think has to be right at some future time. So what is holding your attention? Is it the facts and figure or great techniques, or is it how your brain fills in the gap and satisfies your ego and expectations. You will be that better fighter and do what your heroes can do. The brain fears not knowing or missing out on that next bit of information or secrete. Steal and cheat your way to the top, unfortunately this will never happen with technical solutions.

The teacher instinctively knows to keep a distance between them and the student. Why? If the student saw how vulnerable the teacher is, where would the magic of respect go? Winners are grinners as long as the illusion is maintained. Ignorance hurts. To me teachers are too eager to demonstrate invincibility. I am telling you it is a threat to your security forfeiting your freedom.

Freedom is lost when your ego demands perfection to keep you safe from the monster people who are better than you. I know you do not want to be a loser. I hate to tell you that that kid down the road could take you out any of your mentors if he wanted to and he does not know Martial Arts. This is the gap in understanding that does not seem to penetrate into the psyche of practicing Martial Artists.

I hope this story is convincing enough to keep your interest. I want to kick you out of dream land. I f you hear the sales pitch that there are real fights and real techniques, I suggest you get out of there pronto. Your acceptance of the premise of real techniques is so full of holes that I can see an image of some asshole beating someone’s head into a pulp. Undeniable and could be true if you are an onlooker. The victim would see it very different. The magic dust of the story is you are the onlooker filling in the blanks. No reality in that.

We need to believe by seeing in our minds eye, which means to feel and imagine.

You cannot imagine being the victim; you can only imagine the fear, which cannot be expressed in any form of communication to another person.

Reality or real time cannot be imagined. Your senses cannot work in real time and your mind can only work in the past after the event. Real time responses are invisible to the mind for two reasons: if you are thinking your sensory information is blocked from entering memory and everything we sense has already occurred. The brain and its thoughts can only generate imaginary worlds, in essence an illusory world. Think about it; you can close your eyes and think about the world. It is only when you are moving or the world is moving around you do you get a sense that there is much more to it than your mind can get a handle on.

So how do we live in this world? What I am saying is we are subject and addicted to this way of trusting our thoughts and beliefs. We fear every move and we do not know it. Why? While we fear failure, e also fear success. Do not fret, you are not alone, everyone else seems to be contributing to their own rubbish to the pile.

Strangely you cannot avoid memories or self; it’s the ME. Reality is somewhere out there happening moment by moment. I am sure you are happy with your mental creations or models, because you continue happily on your path and you are holding it together. I personal find this strange, that we follow the trap is of our own making. You could say that we trust in a world that does not exist as our minds perceive it.

I have come to understand that I truly cannot make sense of the world; everything we experience has already occurred and recorded as a fairytale using select perceived moments that I have strategically cut and pasted to increase the value of my imaginary world. It gets even more interesting in that you cannot avoid imaginary entropy, a loss of memorable moments that is again woven into a whole new and complete memory of a past event.

Shit man, what is left? Well look at it from the memory point of view. It is continually working making something from what it has got to work with. It is busy all the time. This is a given knowing that every memory deteriorates and reconstruction is the assurance there is a work somewhere to rely on. The outside world is too chaotic to store every event. The question is what is be lost or left out? It is like missing that new STOP sign on the road you have been driving for twenty years. Life is like our view of a freeway, fully signed and trust worthy to navigate. We have mental scripts that keep us on track and avoiding accidents. Bomb, Shit you are in an accident. What do you do and should you react as your car shuttles across the road into a guard-rail?

We operate effectively and with ease because of our built environment and our socially organized statement. Have a guess what happens when a car drive right in front of you without warning?

You want to understand Real Time Reactions, then you first have to understand the past and what it does to new information. Memories help use predict the future, but not the present. The idea of expectancy is silly full of fears and anxiety that reduce performance. More importantly it is based on past experiences that now requires you to control the surroundings long enough to pull off your plans. That is the way of fighting.

We use learnt socially organized statements and experience to perfect a way to navigate future events at the expense of what is happening right now. It could be as simple as missing a newly put up STOP sign. Future plans is all about learning the timing from well-rehearsed exercises. Sound like Martial Arts.

To develop well-constructed mental models you have to trust in its repeatability. That is what builds blind trust and security in its current form. Where the confusion lies is that the survival response also relies on the mundane.

I love chaos, a situation that throws up lots of surprises. Give me that sudden and violent assault to train with any time. There is no way to imagine or plan or control what will happen next. The brain is open to everything and anything. Wow it is a buzz. Reflexes may fire or the flinch response may protect once, but that is it. You switch off to recharge. You freeze, a safety switch for the mind before dying. The problem is everything shuts down after a reflexive action.

Freeze and you are preparation for death or hope there may be a change to salvage situation from the worst possible starting point, an unwelcome knife in your back. If the attacker know what he wants, the fight back response is a dream. A true attack is final if you freeze. It does nothing for your ego. It is a big stuff-up and don not be surprised you are the victim now.

The predator attack is death to a victim who has forgotten the survival response of flight.

It is like driving, then BAM somebody hit from the side. You just have to go with it for a while, dead or alive. Until you understand the ‘Now’, a real time event cannot be convincing as a part of your being. Life as we see is a collection of patterns our brain has recorded as models as a real world. A real time event has never been recorded in history before and the likelihood of modelling it is just not possible. Any accident informs you that you are on your own and it is your job to navigate the chaos place in front of you.

Mental filters are mental models only allow you to see what they were designed to do. These models are based on expectations and being to control future events.  A fight is one event that you can control and plan for and it is of your own making. Better still, it is a culturally acceptable and prized by many onlookers.

The fight experience does not trump real time. It usually sends emotions into a spin and hormonal cascade that puts you in the most dislike group of people. A fight is about expectations; a knowing how you want the future to turn out, even though there has to be a winner and a loser. As with a predator, the fighter does not want to get hurt, but the difference lots of unwelcome anxiety and shaking. To me this is unnecessary shit that society pushes on you, in the name of performance.

Martial artists are prone to practice for years under the assumption there will be a specific defense out there to overcome. The adrenaline dump may set your hair on end telling you there is either a life or social threat, but the social response begins with fighting. That is a well thought out decision. It is a plan. You are now on the hunt for some poor victim.

What the End of Martial Arts is trying to verbalize is that we view the world as a series of expectations where you are to use your techniques to fight. You are being trained to be the winner, the hero. Social familiarities must hurt so much that we forget what it means to survive an we have to learn to hunt. As humans we have inadvertently conditioned ourselves to road signs and the avoidance of speeding tickets to be perfect members.

The weakness in our armory is our senses. They cannot access real time events, because of thinking. We only have the past to consider. The current moment and future are both a figment of our imagination. It is interesting to note, as our body experiences the stress of acceleration our brain speeds up and slows the perception of time. This is the car accident effect as you feel the world slowing around you, but it is still not real time.

It is that damn mind that traps us into an illusory world. Only if we could switch off the mind, the senses might be a little more efficient.

I like to think I am smart and educated and not to be delusional in my thoughts. Well that is not going to happen. Anything I believe is created from sparse bits of information that is aimed at persuading others of my personal view. A life time of engagements has not made that much wiser. I am just more in touch with the details of the spin I use on others. That does not make me smarter.

In truth all events are happening ‘in the now’ and the past and in the future are constructs in my head. This rational linear model we all use to solve problems is more about control, the Socially Organized Statement, which allow our expectation to feel more secure. Linear assessments of events is an illusion, just as a clock does not really tell time (A clock is a human invention to help us make sense of the world).

Magicians love to play with these perceptual holes by using misdirection and distraction. In other words we see what we want to see. It is almost like self-hypnosis. We look at a clock and we see time. Think positively and you will experience more successes. This may be true in our mind, but that all it is, a thought.

Why even talk about this shit? I am sure you want to avoid these complexities that distort our experiences and memories. Real time is not about challenging boundaries or making the world better. All I am trying to do is to expose the mental trap that should leave you wandering.

We all have been taught ring fighting is a perfect way to study the Art of War. I am aware participants in fighting are even more informed than ever before; that is what you would expect from the top heavy organization.

The fight games is a business developed to produce great specimens of human athleticism and courage, able to face the gladiatorial ugliness of a much love sport of human brutality.

Real time events are left to fools like me. I would like to think chaos is the End of Martial Arts. Victimization of another human being is not the same as time out between bouts. Hunting skills are alive and well. People are dying and getting hurt because somebody is really using a weapon as intended. It is all about choosing the time when and where to knock the crap out of someone. Does this sound familiar?

It is not like slipping on the floor, as you realize you have lost control, but control is also lost when you have been ambushed. Real time events are not stressful, but the impact is devastating. I ask you now, what are your chances to fight back?

‘KaPow’ perfect strike with all the precision as you would expect from a street assassin. The knife did not miss its target. I do not think that kid is not going to let you know it is coming. Interestingly you cannot even tell me how it is done. Your reference knowledge is surprisingly absent. The problem is not timing. Why so?

Even by writing this I am also caught up in the same trap.

To time anything you need to be control. If there is no signal of an attack, there is not much to control or work on. Dealing with chaos is full of surprises. The snapshot trap is the fighter’s foundation to action. Knowing that a single glance of an ugly photo or to bad smelling food can set you into action with relative accuracy. Experts in a field only have to capture salient points before they execute a perfect strike. Bat sports are an example of being able to strike a ball you cannot see coming. Repetition is the name of this game; an infinite number of exposures and then the magic can happen.

There is no such magic in a surprise attack. Chaos is being exposed to multiple events and to be distracted by one will mean your life. How fast can you run? Trick question, I do not really care. The solution I am offer is not a competition, it is based on the flight response, hence the link with running

Yes, this is not new. Well you would be right, but like everything our view can differ and are subject to delusory ideas. Travel with me for a while, go for a run if you think that would help. Better still run through a dense jungle and imagine you are chased by a danger animal that wants you for dinner. One caveat to consider is that if you do not get away, you are dinner.

What are you missing in this scenario? Obviously you are fully committed if you have not become dinner or ended up frozen in shock. When your life is on the line your body is fully energized and also fully activated. The technique you are using is running is it not? No it is not. It is a response that involves every aspect of your being. You are very busy looking after yourself in a chaotic situation. So what are the distraction when running for your life? What is your focus? If something is in your way, do you stop and fight?

The jungle run needs the right attitude to kelp you understand the multiple facets to a real time response. It is like conversing with another person as a best friend, it is not forced, it flows faster and faster improving the interaction as your connection builds.

Real time responses occur beyond any rational thought; it has no language and best described as a heightened gut feeling. You feel fully energized. There seems to be a mental darkness as your body rushes fill the gaps that would overload any thinking process. Just remember when you are having a friendly chat with a person you are dealing with multiple inputs of information. It is the end of thinking of grammar and choice of words.

As a person falls accidently it is all about adaption as the he tries to find a safe path through a sea of unforeseen obstacles. There is no time to stop and think. There are no enemies or opponents. What? Well that is for you to find out why I said that?

If you are still alive during an attack, there is still a chance. If you approach a survival response with the control of threading a needle, you will miss the valuable world around that could help you stay alive. A response takes in the world around you and a technique take account of your inner world. If you are not busy enough responding at speed during a threat, you will feel heavy and sluggish, which is the result of excess adrenalin and the excuses of inaction.

The extra blood flow to the muscles systems makes it harder to save your life. Everything appears to occur too fast, so the brain shuts down and you will grab onto anything like a baby.

What I am suggesting goes beyond a single snapshot of a situation where a counter solution employed hopefully in time. It is more like running and jumping as you navigate an obstacle course. Why is flight so affective adjusting to the environment? It is its ability to act on multiple levels. One simple driver: the ‘acceleration the whole body’, which I believe helps your mind to stay busy navigating and adapting to find the safest path of least resistance to an exit. It is your sense of that progression that motivates you to move faster that will link the mind and body as one to adapt to abundance of close real-time information.

Try walking and talking, hearing and seeing the dog run onto the road as you step away from the passing car and push yourself of a wall in an attempt to keep going. As soon as you want to shout out an expletive of is lost. Why is that? You just have done something amazing and you have no idea what it was and how to use it in future survival situations. But when your focus narrows you feel over confident as the shit hits the fan. Chaos is joyous and stimulating for the mind as well as the body as a whole. Watch kids play.

What more do you want. Control, Control, Control. Really, it creates the illusion of choices that have not happened and do not exist. In fact your senses are off line. Hesitation is all you will experience. That is way fighter posture and puff up to scare their opponent, but it is really a time of consolidation and hesitation.

Your real lifesaving response and real time clarity are a mystery to Martial Artists. We are happy to bath in being socially smart and being easily distracted and attracted to familiarity. We are so smart that we allow the distraction to help someone pick your pockets or hitting you over the head and take your many. Worse still you trusted the person you have just met and who has invited you for a friending drink and great conversation; Bam and dead. Smart.

Have you ever met another fellow countryman when oversee and he becomes your worst nightmare? Why did you trust him, even though he was a complete stranger? Experience maybe better thought of escaping a situation where you have to run for your life when ambush. Why would a fighter run at all? He thinks he is not stupid enough to be done over? Just remember a hunter does not tell you when the attack will take place. It is a surprise, it is magic. It is the game of survival.

Have you ever noticed that your body has a particular swagger as it finds its rhythm when it walks and runs and talks? The beauty of rhythms is that it can speed up on demand from a walk to a run to a jump and change direction. No part of the body behind. I love seeing life as a rhythmic progression, it is full of energy and fighting is not on my mind.

Fighting requires you to wait, plan, focus and spend all your energy beating up your victim. It is stand here, where do you want to fight and are you ready? It is a social game full of stress and preparation, exploitation and expectation based on experience and a horrible fear of failure. There is a lot of shit going down hear. Just by adding rhythm means you are not hampered by the expectation or meeting resistance, because you are busy going somewhere.

There are very few social accolades given to the flight response.  If you have not understood the minds workings, stick with familiarity of socialization, then you have no chance to maintain control. An accelerated state is not for you. The attacker who is on the hunt will love you, he will know exactly when to attack you. If you freeze. It is all too late.

A social situation is always emotionally charged from pleasure, trust, betrayal and anger. Freedom from control ignores emotion as it is not a survival response. To be driven by emotions you need time to focus on an issue. Sales people love this understanding to trap people into making a decision. Forced acceleration not only activates the senses it also extends the person beyond their conditioned strengths and skills. If you believe you can save the day, by waiting during an ambush, you are a dead person. Fighting happen only when it is a social response.

Go forth and find that battle field that justifies your training. Even though your fight skills are great, your survival or real time responses are not at your disposal because you think you are in control.

To stand tall means you are in big trouble and you do not know what to do. There is trouble in the wind and you stopped. Stand still will you, I want to hit you. Stop! You have just abandon your freedom. To understand these statements, you need insight to what real time. The issue is more to do with your ability to defocus and see the big picture. Life can be far more predictable than an “if then scenario” or a “stimulus-response-reinforcement” or “conditioning/repetition” or “defend and counter and submit” strategies. At no time do any of these possible responses capture the big picture. You are driven by the expectations of success, not life.

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Now that you have some understanding of the survival response, try the “corner trap”  and tell me how you went.

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