Real Training

Training Drills (Neutralization)

It is crucial to understand the first second of a fight

There is not enough time to apply lots of techniques when facing multiple attackers

Neutralization cut out lots of the technical Bull Shit

It teaches the value of first contact

Too much time is wasted on fighting skills after first contact, slows the fight down

Neutralization Drills only focuses on very short amount of time at first contact

This is when both fighters are in limbo, cannot see, feel or think

So why is this moment so important?

Both opponents have no idea what they doing at this point in time

Both fighters are in limbo or Neutralized

This should be good news for the person who can first activate after Neutralization

This is where the real magic lies, better referred to as a gap in resistance

A Gap allows a person to move freely

A Gap can change the whole direction of a fight by the first person to use it

This is why you have to be an expert at the Neutralization moment

Remember Drills are great, but they are like training to swim on dry land rather than in real water

No matter how much you believe in the drill, swimming requires other skills like floating etc.

-More on dry land training compared to actual swimming at a later date


Two people Neutralization Drill (no choice training)

Three people are required, one who controls the event and two fighters learning how to create a moment of Neutralization

These are forced response drills or no choice training experiences

Two people are forced to attack each other as hard as they can

They stand two arm distances apart (so they can just touch each other’s fingers)

The third person tells them when to attack at the same time by shouting “GO”/dropping his arm

The two attackers have to meet at full force otherwise no one experiences Neutralization

The key to this training is to experience what happen in the first second and no more

The third person allows the impact and then steps in to stop it continuing onto a fight.

The fight part is not what they are meant to learn, even though it is instinct to fight on

The fighting on part is of little use and a very poor learning experience

Neut 1j



What do you learn,

For all the effort, nobody gets hurt in the first second

Deadly strategies are made Neural in a time strapped situation

Remember this is a drill, not a fight

Drills are practiced on dry land to build skills that your body taps into when surviving an attack


Zone Protection Drill (No choice Training)

Again requiring three people

Can be done with two, but not recommended, the third person is the safety officer

It builds on Drill 1, but now the responsibility is passed back to the fighters

Its aim again is to experience neutralization, but with more freedom

Now the decision to attack is decided by the person outside the Zone of Protection

The person in the Zone of Protection cannot leave the Zone, his aim is not to give up the Zone

The zone is a 2 metre circle drawn on the ground

The attacker outside the Zone attacker creates the attack and the moment of neutralization BUT

The intensity is much greater than Drill 1 and rises as the exercise develops

Thus the reason for the Safety Officer to step in and stop the fight continuing

The most important skill to be aware of is how you affect the person you attack in the first second

The attacker outside the Zone is doing all the training

The protector of the Zone is a live dummy, who does not want to give up the Zone


It is the outside attacker who decide when to invade the Zone

The aim is to create a moment of Neutralization, forcing both opponents into a moment of safety

What does this mean?

The zone protector is mentally neutralized for just a moment, affected enough to stop resistance

It is only natural to fight on and focus on proving a point; again this is of no use at this stage

It is the moment of impact and its meaning that is of interest

The outside Zone attacker has to attack with enough intensity to neutralize the Zone protector

Neutralization does not mean to take the opponent out; it means forcing  them into sensory darkness

Sensory darkness is akin to shock, a form of flinch response

A flinch response is a protection response

It leaves a hole in in the defences of any person who wants to resist

This  hole in defence is easily missed (does not access your conscious attention)

The safety officer does not like to see the attack progress into a fight

To continue on to a fight has no purpose here

The outside attacker aims to expose himself to as many attacks as possible

The goal is to experience as many  Neutralization moments as possible

If by luck the Zone protector loses the Zone the roles can swap

Or the Safety officer can change the roles to share the training time

Be wary of this Drill it can escalate to unbelievable ferocity

Yet it is still safe

That is why it is called Neutralization

In truth you are still on dry land and have not learnt how and when to apply it —

Drills are limited and cannot be generalized to real situations

This delusory connection is the biggest weakness in traditional Martial Arts technical solutions

Applications are but a dream

It is what is between your ears that lacks understanding of actual swimming?

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This momentary Neutralization experience will need a way to be fitted in the DNA of real fighting

One thing is for certain, Neutralization is a skill to have

Very important when facing multiple attackers