Real Fighting Situations

To fight off attackers

Let’s begin, there is nothing glorious about dealing with a bunch of shit heads bearing down on you. At the same time, you are thinking, who wants to tell their friends how fifteen years of training just got F__ked-upped by a bunch on novice fighters.

Have you ever made the mistake disrespecting the people who look small and have limited skills for fighting? If yes, reality will strike you dead someday in a blink of an eye. Violence does not rely on fighting skill, strength and size. You have been conditioned to view fighting in controlled situations. This leaves you blind to the people who are truly violent.

You are a socially conditioned being, ready to defend your beliefs. We put our lives down for flag and country in response to an unsubstantiated viewpoint. You are bound to follow the road rules, expect to reach you destination safe and sound. You have been programmed to ignore the survival response and replace it with hesitation.

Your biggest worry is your fear of loss. Your defence is to hide behind your ego. The inner world is the illusion, the shit you have dreamt up. Just consider these issues:

  • You are a victim, because you are good at it.
  • You think too much, which traps your thoughts in the past.
  • You are seeing what you want to see.
  • You worship hindsight, fear foresight and ignore the present.
  • Your intuition is ignored – replaced by beliefs and values.
  • Planning goals – bypasses reality.
  • Goals lose their value when made public.
  • You believe – when others agree with you.
  • You are willing to share experiences – where there are none.
  • You replace reality with game play or stories.
  • To be an Experts is to be a control freaks (anxiety disorder)

You cannot dream up a survival situation or rely on other people’s stories to capture reality. There is no spin to capture a survival situation. If you slip on the floor, you cannot grasp air or rely on a specific strategy.

Your first insight: fighters are like the flies attracted to shit when there is a chance to show their colors. This means a willingly to give aggression a go. The inner adviser wants you to become the fighter it wishes you to be. You are your worst enemy.

Second insight: understanding who you are. Your training has made you the warrior of your dreams, ready for battle with military precision and strategic excellence. Ask yourself, could you be the aggressor or the victim when you have a tommy gun in your hands? The choice is simple, you will be the aggressor. You are ready to take your victims down. I wander what would happen when are forced to stand alone, defenseless and clueless when someone else’s has a gun ready to shoot you D-D-Dead?

Third insight: how much time do you have when you are ambushed? It depends on how you view the situation, it could be a lifetime or none. When you are the victim; there is no time to contemplate even the simplest fighting reaction. Hesitation is an eternity of time. The world seems to slow as the knife passes through your kidney. Again, I suggest you have just disrespected the attacker’s abilities. Sinful.

Reality has no language as we know it. Let’s take a mental check: if you are thinking, you are talking to yourself and mentally simulating solutions. Take a situation where you just seen a punch travelling to your head; ‘Bam’ goes your reaction. I would suggest you are too late if it was a real assault. My advice is, stop dreaming. Thinking takes time and incorporates a desire to control the events by feeling defensive. This all happens in your head space. The delusion, is you believe you can obliterate the attacker and sense victory.

The problem is the attackers see you as the Sucker.

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