Corner Trap

The Definitive multiple attackers Defence Training

Fighting off multiple attackers needs more than choreographed technical tricks.

The ‘Corner Trap’ focuses on real time skills. To do this both the group of attackers and the person being attacked needs the right training ground.

The ‘Corner Trap’ is as close to a real scenarios as you can get.

The bottom line is, techniques do not work when facing many attacker at once.

Get ready to step out of the ring and survive…

Watch the video of students warming up; Techniques just do not work – what appears to work are the people who do not stand still  (Video donated by a supporter of the site: Thanks)

If you see an instructor demonstrates another solution in slow motion, it’s will be wrong. I consider this form of teaching as the worst disease of modern martial arts.

The ‘Corner Trap’ allows the coach/teachers and students to all jump into the water and see if their skill float or sink to the depths.

The model for the “Corner Trap”

corner trap


The Corner Trap

(At no time should participants be unsupervised, it is a necessity to have a qualified trainer/coach in attendance for close to real training.)

Ground Rules

All participants have a responsibility to give their all.

The situation is a survival exercise, so everyone is responsible for their own safety.

The EXIT is a predetermined safe place where ‘Y’ has to get to be safe.

The number of attacker needs to be greater than 4 to create enough of a threat.

It is as tough as you want to make it.

The amount PRESSURE is determined by all participants.

What’s to learn?

Like in the fighting games every participant has something to learn.

No hiding behind style, this is a test survival.

The game is full-on from start to finish.

No more excuses, you either can do it or you can’t.

Time honoured strategies need to be reviewed and modified continuously.

The group learns as much as the person being attacked.

###Safety considerations

The coach predetermines safety.

Difficulty can also determine safety.

This exercise is not recommended for a novice.

All participants can wear protective padding for extra safety.

The group of attacker’s job

Not to allow ‘Y’ to get to the EXIT.

Work as a team to make ‘Y’s’ experience as tough as he or she can handle.

Learn not to fear ‘Y’s’ posturing and have fun getting him.

What’s been aired by people who have tried the Corner Trap:

It is very hard, I see what mean there is nowhere to hide

Training the group, it changes everything

I cannot get started before I am taken to ground.

I get a little way through and I have six people hanging of me.

It is rubbish- you cannot fight in this stupid situation.

None of my techniques work (I am not surprised).

My Response to the comments:

The exercise aims to elicit the survival response, which needs full body activation.

If you are truly training both the group of attackers and the person being attacked, I assure you there is no limit to where the exercise can go. This is not a fight where there are winners and losers, only survivors

Everybody should leave the exercise savouring the survival experience. 

Again, my agenda is to help you develop a more real approach to Martial Arts and to stop hero talk and intimidating students. If done right you cannot hide behind reputations and style, it strips people back their true skills ad real time creativity.

These exercises are the closest you will ever get to real experiences in a training hall.

Are There Ready Made solutions?

Solutions implies something to learn, something to add onto your existing fighting system. Just remember the CORNER TRAP does not favour any one system. The journo starts of by understanding the difference between the fight game and the survival game.

I am no hero, the difference between sell, help and teach are hard to separate, but one thing I know is that techniques are design to intimidate and impress students’ far from the battle field. I assume you have good fighting skills already: hopefully the best.  My offering is knowledge that is seldom broached by traditional martial artists and MMA alike outside the training hall and fighting rings.

In truth there have been some realities conveniently brushed over in current trends in martial arts. The answer is not in developing another technique – it another step further away from what needs to be learnt…..

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