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Multiple opponents defense – snap decisions

You have one chance to get it right when defending against multiple attacker. Time is either you enemy or you asset, the first skill to get right is never stand still ‘keep moving’. 1st stage kill the delusion of a technical solution.


Defense against multiple attacker preparation 3 stages

The starting point is ‘no choice training’, an exercise to push fighter to react under forced pressure; this is extended to ‘a self- pressuring without rest exercise’ then onto more practical multiple attack situations.


ACTIVE and PASSIVE approaches to fighting

Multiple attacker defence is no easy area to discuss when it gets confused with ring fighting and self-defence skills and real fighting stories and training drill and skills, this is found throughout the martial arts world.

The Active and Passive approaches to fighting are meant to clarify the difference between approaches to fighting.



When attacked by Multiple Attackers you need your reflexes to be operating at 100%. The question asked by many Martial Artists, ‘why does my body feel so heavy and I cannot do what I want to do to defend myself?’  Reflexes are essentially suppressed by the conditioned fighting mind. Learn why when you focus on survival it actives reflexive action.


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Corner Trap expanded


For interested and experienced Martial Artists try theCORNER TRAP exercise. There is also a  Free Book.




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